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Event: Summer Session from 10th – 18th August (with children’s programmes)

Summer Session from 10th – 18th August (with children’s programmes)

Summer Session from 10th to 18th August

Welcoming and with programmes for children

(English and / or Spanish Translation will be provided as required)

Summer Sessions

Summer is a natural time for a spiritual retreat. Withdrawing from the habits of our daily life by meditating at a peaceful place, dedicated to Zen practice, often gives us the opportunity to look anew at the world . This year, again, practitioners will gather at the Lanau Zen Centre for our traditional summer sessions offered in July and August

Participate in a Session

Practising the Buddha Way begins with the practice of paying attention to the present moment. Every moment is conducive to practising right thinking, right speech, and right action with a peaceful mind. It is in the inner silence that the peace of our vast and luminous nature is revealed. That’s it ‘seeing one’s own mind’ . This is practising ango, summer meditation retreat. Meditation in the dojo continues throughout all of our daily activities. Attention is focused on the attitude of the body, thoughts, behaviour. Collective practice aims at making all practitioners a single body in which everyone can and must find their place and space of freedom.

Daily Schedule

A session consists of 5 days of “preparation”, a day of rest, followed by 2 and a half days of more intensive practice called “sesshin”. During the preparation, the days are punctuated by 3 daily periods of zazen, by teisho (dharma talks), samu (work practice) and thematic workshops. A fourth zazen is added to the sesshin days. Times for relaxing and socialising are also planned.

Welcoming Beginners and Families with Children

This summer, we will offer 2 retreats, one in July and one in August. A welcome for beginners is organised in each one.
During the August session, we will welcome and prepare activities for children. They will be invited to discover the teachings and values of Buddhism through games, workshops, outings and interrelationships.

They will be accompanied by adults assisted by their parents.

Room Accommodation

Rooms of 2-4 people with shower and toilets

The full session (9 days): 360 €
for a couple: 580 €
The preparation only (5 days) : 250€
The sesshin only (2.5 days): 130 €
Children 6-14 years old (August Session): 130 €
Children under 6 are free of charge (donation from the parents)

Tent accommodation

It’s possible to come with your own tent. Sanitary facilities are available

The whole session (9 days) : 260 €

Membership Fee

Association Tenbôrin : 20 €/year

Do not let cost become an obstacle to practice. It is possible to apply for a reduction (by written request).

Registration form in French only – click on “Je Participe !” to complete the form – For assistance don’t hesitate to contact who can help you with any french on the form.